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About Yoga In The Six - Music inspired yoga


Yoga In This Six is a type of yoga innovated by how beats help get deeper, and even inspire the movement. It took years for the founder, Cherry Johnston (AKA Yoga In The Six) to create this practice that works with hip-hop beats, and to adapt traditional yoga movement to flow as art in motion! This practice has also been made so that everyone, even someone who has never done yoga, or dance before, can take this class and have fun! It is easy to follow,  helps you build strength, flexibility, and works on cardio endurance.   It helps with anxiety, depression, and helps to build confidence in your body, and with social expression.


     There are many reasons why Cherry created this form of yoga.   She wanted people who did't connect with the current yoga culture (yogic texts, sutras, beliefs, history, zen music) or were overwhelmed by the multitude of types of yoga, to have an option that wasn't all of those things.   She also wanted something without levels, so that there was just one inclusive practice, attainable for every healthy body.


     In general, she noticed a lot of judgement and rigidity especially in the yoga community, which she found odd since it was the one place she felt should feel welcoming. There ahould be no judgement about your practise, about your knowledge of the yoga texts, or if you are not vegan.   It really opened her eyes. She felt like there was a very square box you had to fit in if you were into yoga.   


    Her own practice of yoga taught her so much about acceptance, non-judgement, balance and awareness when it comes to food and consumption.   She felt that many people who came to the majority of studios, even if the 4+ styles of yoga didn't scare them off on the websites - they would be scared off by the conformity of it all.   


    She wanted to create something that allowed for more freedom of expression in music, beliefs, and lifestyle!  We can practise yoga (union of the body and mind) in more than one way, and if we choose to learn about the traditional roots of yoga, that should be an option, not a prerequisite.